Limit spaces to certain users

It would be very useful to be able to limit a space to certain registered users, or members of a certain group. I would like to setup a separate space for a testing version of our software/service/product, that is only available to a handful of our users.

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Hello, Mike!

When you're editing a space you can change it's restrictions option to "Staff Only". It will make it visible to your team - users with these roles: Agents, Admins, and Owners. It will be completely hidden from your customers though, including registered ones.

Does that do the trick? Or I've got you wrong and you only wanted a few users from your team to access that space, while other team member wouldn't see it?


Well not quite:

What I would like is to Limit a certain space to selected End Users.. so when users log on to our support/community portal, only the ones we authorized for the TEST/BETA space would have access to that space..

I love this. The ability to allow only users we've authorized as beta users to make suggestions, bugs, and praise . . . that's awesome! AWESOME!!!


I am also looking to limit a space to customers beta-testing new features of our software.

I also wants the same, wants a user to restrict only for one space/department so that he/she won't be able to see other space/department.


This feature would make helprace more useful also for internal usage.


I second this.

I would suggest that it is possible to restrict users to spaces not only in groups but to:

Organization , Job title, and add a tag field on the users, so that they could either belong to one or more spaces.

For instance, a user belongs to the organisation wickedpedia, but he also has the tag: customerservice

He would then have access to all public spaces and to wickedpedia, but only to wickedpedia customerservice

Frank is also wickedpedia but he is tagged with: technical and customerservice, so he would have access to pubil, wickedpedia customerservice and technical

I like this ability to tag users. Though I would hope they were private tags that only staff could see; it wouldn't be good to have other users see that Bob is tagged as beta_product1. Then people we deliberately didn't want to be beta testers would be upset, and that's not good for customer community morale.

The nice thing about tags is it is easier to manage beta testers. At least it seems it would be. 


This will be a great option. For instance, I could have a space with free access to any new subscriber, but also have a VIP type space for paying members only.

This could even be a great alternative for my current vimeo pro account, so instead of using their services for private videos I could use HELPRACE password protected space to host my videos.

This option alone could take HELPRACE to a whole new level.



I need this feature too!


Would love to see this in the free plan