App for Android and iOS devices

Any plans on an Android or iOS product? I've just moved over from Zendesk to Helprace and, while there are CONSIDERABLY more features with Helprace that I very much like, the lack of mobile device versions for agents is notably missing. Not a huge thing but wondering if there were plans? 

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Yes, we're planning a mobile app for agents. We're on the early stages right now, defining the scope, selecting the best technology. Expecting it roughly this year. We'll be posting to this topic any updates.

We are also open to your suggestions :)


APP is crucial for our business .. if you can offer that we will be 100% sure to get your software for our company

Any plans of adding this soon? I love helprace and having this will be great feature and I want to continue to use your services 

Thank you for following up. There is no update at this feature status at this time.

How’s going with that?

Thank you for a follow-up, Jordi. There is no update at this time, unfortunately.