Voting for topic in the free plan

What kind of a voting system for Ideas does the free plan come with. Is it upvote and downvote?

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Thanks for your question, Tony!

The voting system for Ideas allows upvotes only in the free plan. You get much more with a paid plan:

  • User can give a positive vote (+1).
  • User can vote either positive or negative (+1 or -1).
  • User can vote on a scale from +1 to +3.
  • User can vote on a scale from -3 to +3.

Please refer to the Pricing page for a complete comparison of the features available in each plan.

Thanks for answering Edward.

I have the Community Plan, but Settings > Ideas says that voting customization is not available with my plan.  Please advise.

This feature is not available in the Community plan, unfortunately. It is available in Self-Service and Complete plans though.

I see...I thought when I clicked "+100 Features" at the bottom of the Community Plan feature list I was seeing additional Community Plan features.  This is somewhat confusing.  The current pricing page is pretty, but frankly the traditional "compare plans" matrix with checkmarks for each feature included would be easier to understand.  Thanks.

Thanks for your feedback! We'll see how we can improve the pricing and features pages.