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Moved this question to Ideas to gather votes and some feedback on whether this functionality is a must for complete customer service. Let's discuss the most important features of the chat functionality required.


We think that it would be a good feature plus, once the chat is done we can covert it to a ticket or offline messages to tickets.

Also, We can place the chat widget on our portal or website for customer use. 

Hope this helps!


Is this gonna be added? 

And Yes, We're back to using Helprace just for road map (Forums) only.

It depends on the voting in this topic. It is not on the roadmap yet.

Sounds great!

Live chat can give more credibilty to the suport service, thus this topic can be important future feature.


Adding a live chat feature would help every agent on the website. I think that if they do add a live chat feature that it should be included in all of the different levels of editions including the free edition since it is the users of the websites idea.


So how many votes are needed to have this to pop up at the roadmap?

Good question, Berry! Complexity of a feature is as important as votes. Live chat is very important and we'll get to it at some point.


I'm currently using https://www.tawk.to/ which is awesome and totally free FOREVER according to them.

Probably, creating and integration might be easier that developing a chat app from scratch.

Untill things get a paid service... and how about SSO? Want to share credentials with a third party?

Berry, most of the help desk providers that are out there already offer many 3rd. party integrations, I guess they have security features in place to prevent vulnerabilities.


Although we haven't got around to adding a live chat module to Helprace, you can now add a 3rd party chat button to your User Portal header or footer. This guide will help you get started: User portal customization


Is this feature available in Free plan?

User portal customization feature, which allows you to add a chat button to your user portal, is not available in the free plan.

Thank you for that info! 


Would love to see this in the free plan