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I'd love to see integration into Jira, where I can take ideas or bugs, and push them straight to the Jira project.


Totally agree with this... for me it would be nice to see integration with Pivotal tracker... but the idea is the same, to be able to see updates to the external tool (jira/pivotal/youtrack) as internal comments in the tickets so support department knows when something has been delivered by the development team!

I just wanted to let you guys know that we are one small step forward towards having this integration. We have released the Apps feature. There are only Apps developed by us at the moment, but we will be working in the future to allow 3rd-party developers to add their Apps too.

Hi Guys,

Just want to check if there is any update on this Jira integration.

No update at this time, unfortunately.

hope you don't mind I ask, is there a timeframe for Jira integration? thanks = )

We haven't yet added this idea to the plan, unfortunately. Here you can check accepted ideas on different stages of development: http://support.helprace.com/s1-general/ideas/accepted