Ticket reminder

Ticket reminders allow you to set a date and time for a ticket to be reopened. This is useful when you want to work on a ticket at a later time.

Setting a reminder

To set a reminder click on the clock in ticket view and select a preset date/time or choose a custom date/time.

Important: If the ticket status is Open, change it to Solved or Pending after setting a reminder. This removes the ticket from your "Unsolved" filter to have it reappear when you need it again.

On a Pending, On-hold or Solved ticket, the reminder is set immediately without the need to submit the ticket.

The reminder will reopen the ticket when the time comes. If the ticket is Open when the reminder is set, the reminder will be removed and the status won't be changed.

Cancelling a reminder

If there's an active reminder on a ticket, you can hover the clock to see its details.

To cancel a reminder click on the clock and select 'Cancel'.

Configuring presets

Click on the clock and scroll through the preset list.

Select 'Customize' at the bottom.

Select what presets you want to appear in the reminder menu.

More options

Search and filters

You can search for tickets that have a reminder set or create a filter (Learn more about filters)

Show all tickets with a reminder:


Show all tickets with a reminder scheduled within next 30 days:

reminder_date:[NOW TO NOW+30DAYS]


You can add a reminder to a macro. For example, you may want to reply to a ticket with a preset message and reopen it at a set time in the future if you get no response.

Triggers / Automations

A reminder can be set or cancelled automatically by a trigger or automation.

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