Filters and null search in search page

1. When I'm on the search page ( https://ideias.contaazul.com/search )
    And I do any research
    The filter below is not shown:
Imagem inline 1
   It only appears on the homepage.
2. On the search page ( https://ideias.contaazul.com/search )
    I can not search for all the ideas in a category
    If I select a category and click "Search" the system does not search anything
   (To search for all ideas in a category I need a "*" and click search)
    Imagem inline 2 
    Is there any way for the client to search for "empty" to put the "*" automatically ..
    Or even bring the * fixed on that page?

Sorry my bad english!

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I understand the 2nd question. Currently you need to enter * there to search by category, that's true. We'll see if we can make search by category easier.

Could you please provide a screenshot for the 1st question? It looks like you copied this from an email and screenshot haven't been copied through. Thanks!

Note the second screenshot doesn't provide the filter bar below, with the options, once you click on the search description box