Image preview instead of the word [image] in community topics

The image is not visible in the preview when I turn on the option "Show short content preview in the topics list". Instead, the word [image] appears. Please add an image preview. It is the feature we really need since users add images a lot to the ideas and comments, and it is the main reason why we want to move from Uservoice.

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Thank for your suggestion. We're removing the [image] placeholder in the next update. We also toyed with the idea of adding images to the preview, but there is at least one unsolved question in this matter. A topic list with large and especially high images might look not so great. How would you solve this problem?


Thank you Edward for a fast reply.

It could be done two ways. The first one is easier and looks nice:

1. All images are shown reduced (similar to a post with images on any web forum). It could be done either with topic preview only or both with the previews and on the topic page. To see enlarge image user should click on it. Exampe from a forum:

2. Previews could have three instead of two options:

- Compact preview (default by now - only titles are visible.)

- Full preview (user see topics with original large images like it looks on the topic page. Might look not so great as you mention)

- Medium preview (the topic shrinks to some max-height, if any images and text don't fit they are cut. The rest content of the topic is hidden and there is a button "show more")
Example from Userecho. Looks not so great:

Thank you! I like the first idea too.