Writing reply and changing from open -> solved does not send email?

I have replied couple tickets with replies that will answer users questions. So I have written reply and hit "submit as solved". It didn't send email at these cases?

When I write something and hit submit as open it sends the email, it event sent when I hit "submit as solved" when the issue had already solved status.

It's bit messy to see when the emails are sent to users and when not. I would appreciate if I could see when email was sent and when not (e.g. next to message small ticker "sent as email to user")

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It has to send email by default. I'm going to double check this right away, just in case.

This email is being sent by the "Notify requester of solved request" trigger. Please go to the Settings > Triggers page to check if this trigger is present in your account and it is enabled (it should be there by default, but you can disable or delete it).

You can also click "All Events" on one of these tickets. It shows if any emails has been sent among other ticket details:


The "Notify requester of solved request" trigger is disabled in your account. You just need to turn it back on to enable these emails.


Ok thanks that solved it. I hadn't read thoroughly that trigger. I thought it also sent when no comment was added but yea it worked as it should.


And the "All Events" helps me to debug the rest. cheers.


By the way, with the default setup it never sends an email to the customer ("requester") if you do not add a reply to a ticket. That lets you change ticket properties, add internal notes, close the ticket, etc. without disturbing the customer.

I suppose you figured this all out already, but possibly someone else could learn from it