How to hide the left sidebar totally?


How to hide the sidebar? We feel it's just cluttering the conversion of people actually sending us anything.

We want to emphasize the tabs and actions towards them.

Huge thanks!

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Thank you for asking, Daniel! This is something we're adding in the next update, which will be ready in a month or two. You'll be able to hide all elements from the sidebar and when you've done that the sidebar will disappear.

This is more or less how the home page will look, if you hide the sidebar.


Ok thanks. This is not possible with CSS in the meantime?


Sure! Add these styles to CSS > Code section on the Settings > Customization page in the admin panel to hide the sidebar from all pages:

aside.layout__sidebar {
    display: none;
.layout__content {
    width: 100%;
.layout__content_in, .layout__data_right-sidebar .layout__content_in {
    padding-left: 0;
    padding-right: 0;